Terra Kids Block and Tackle


Nature is a pure adventure for children because it is the biggest and most beautiful playground in the World. The Terra Kids range from Haba inspires children to exercise and to have fun exploring and discovering. Pure outdoor enjoyment!

  • perfect for outdoors or inside where there are high ceilings

    experience and understand physics while playing

    awesome for all tinkerers: kit can be disassembled

    mechanical advantage: 1:2

    A must for anyone who lives in a farmhouse: The Terra Kids Block and Tackle hauls all the objects that are needed up above. This not only saves frequent climbing up and down but also is a whole lot of fun for little adventurers. If you wish, you can also disassemble the block and tackle and use the rope elsewhere. Afterward, it can be easily re-assembled.
    1 rope, 1 pulley with reverse eye, 1 pulley, 2 quick links, 1 set of directions.
    Product weight:0.562 kg
    Age from:6 years
    Can support up to:30 kg
    Rope length:9 m
    Material:Metal, Polyamide