Create Your Own Charm Necklace


Design your own personalised charm necklace choosing from an array of gorgeous and meaningful silver charms from our collection. It's the perfect gift and Oh So Personal!

Our necklace gives you the opportunity to design a charm necklace entirely from scratch. Personalise by choosing your favourite charms (we find 3 charms work well on a necklace, but you can have up to 6 charms).

All our charms have a meaning (see below) and your chosen charms and their meanings are engraved upon the lid of the gift box your necklace is enclosed in. The recipient will then know exactly the meaning of each little individual charm picked especially for them.

  • Angel: An angel to always watch over you
  • Acorn: From a small acorn great oaks grow
  • Heart: You will always be loved
  • Crown: You will always be my princess
  • Elephant: A symbol of long life
  • Diamond Ring: So you never ever loose your sparkle
  • Wings: To enable you will reach great heights
  • Genie Lamp: To enable all your wishes to come true
  • Watch: You are loved 24/7
  • Star: You're my star
  • Treasure Chest: You will always be my treasure
  • Fatima Hand: To ward off any evil and attract divine protection
  • Present Always appreciate the present moment you are in
  • Jigsaw Piece: You complete me
  • A Rope: So you can always hold it together
  • Shoes: So you take the right steps through life
  • World Globe: My world is a better place with you in it
  • Apple: You're the apple of my eye
  • Sterling Plated Chain
    Silver Plated Charms